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Marine Engine

categoria articolo di Marine Engine, siamo produttori specializzati provenienti dalla Cina, Deutz Marine Diesel Engine, Ricardo Marine Engine fornitori / fabbrica, il commercio allingrosso di alta qualità prodotti di Diesel Marine Engines R & S e produzione, abbiamo il perfetto servizio e supporto tecnico post-vendita. Aspettiamo la vostra collaborazione!

Cina Marine Engine Fornitori

We supply Marine engine, with gearbox, seawater and fresh water exchanger.

The Engine can be from Ricardo, Deutz and Cummins.

All the marine engine with power from 20hp to 600hp.

Marine Diesel Engine 6BT5.9-M120 For Sale Products Features

1. Developed by digesting and absorbing the advanced technology from Germany;

2. High intensity crankshaft, cylinder block and cylinder head, all are made of alloy cast

iron,with smaller size, lighter of weight, less vibration, lower nose and higher reliability,

the overhaul period is over 12,000 hours;

3. P type high pressure fuel pump and P type injection nozzle, contributing to lower fuel consumption;

4. Special sealing technology for piston ring; lowering ail consumption by over 20% less

than similar products with same power in China;

5. Equipped with electronic speed governing fuel pump, ensuring stable operation.

Except for the above characteristics, all of our marine diesel engines (also land

used engines) are vertical, inline, water cooled, 4 strokes; and equip with

turbocharger, water pump, radiator, inter cooler, said these engines are water

cooled turbocharged engines. Whth these superior components, our HD engines

is very effective and function well.

Marine Diesel Engine 6BT5.9-M120 Warranty and Maintenance Service

1. Warranty items will be issued by our own factory, which is simple and quick;

2. Warranty period will be 12 months or 1500 working hours from commissioning date;

3. Parts replacement under warranty will be sent (include sea freight and insurance) to

buyers without charges;

4. Easy torn prts are excluded in the warranty, like plugs, condenser, fuse, battery, seal;

5. Problems caused by customer's incorrect man-made operation will be covered by the user;

6. Part use for overhaul and ordinary maintanence will be offered by us in factory price;

7. Skillful engineers of us are available dispatched to customers place for training and service.

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